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About Spence Gunsmithing

Spence Gunsmithing

Welcome to Spence Gunsmithing I would like to share a little bit about my business. My name is Ryan Spence and I own and operate Spence Gunsmithing. I have been a firearms aficionado for my entire life. I realized early that I enjoyed shooting and working on firearms. At eighteen, I joined the Marine Corps. I became a marksmanship instructor with the 2nd Marine division. I took great pride in serving my country by passing on my knowledge to others. Today I take great pride in giving my customers what they need, want, and dreamed of having, built to the bona fide best of my abilities. I am a graduate of the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School which was a valuable education and several years well spent. After graduation, I soon became the head gunsmith of the Remington premier warranty center for the east coast. It was an amazing opportunity. I have performed warranty service for Weatherby, Henry, Marlin, and other firearm manufacturers. When I moved home to Dayton, I was responsible for the warranty repair for Chiappa firearms. That taught me two important lessons: while people will tell you many different ways to fix a firearm there is rarely more than one correct way to do it and I no longer wish to build weapons the way other people wish them built. There is more to building firearms than maximizing profit. I take pride in every firearm I work on knowing it is fixed correctly and that I can stand behind its quality. These beliefs brought me to where I am today. In April of 2013 I opened Spence Gunsmithing. I am dedicated to only one thing: giving my customers the highest level of quality possible. I am here to serve the Miami Valley with repairs and customizations to all makes and models of firearms. There is no repair too small and no custom build too large if you want your work done to the highest levels of quality. I want to be the one to show you how it can be accomplished. Please visit my gunsmithing shop and do not forget to bring your firearm. As long as you have the interest, I have the time.

Our Guarantee

My guarantee to you is if any work or service we ever perform is incorrect, or fails to perform correctly at any point in the future, we will fix the problem free of charge for as long as you own the item. We run a quality shop and stand by our products and services.