Spence Gunsmithing

Krieghoff Factory Recommended Service Center



We take pride in the fact that everything is done by hand at our shop, and because we are the experts, we don’t send your work to other companies which saves you money and gives you peace of mind. For your safety and financial concern do not try and disassemble your weapon prior to coming out or shipping it, as this will most likely cost you in the long run.

• Any custom build that you can think of, we can make happen. Don’t be afraid to ask, the more unique the build is, the more excited we are to show you the completed project.

• All Class 3 work on suppressors and machine guns including fabrication and repair.

• Complete period correct firearms restoration on firearms of any condition.

• Complete builds. Want that custom long range hunting rifle, but don’t have the tools, know how, or time to get it all together? Let us help!

• Assembly of weapon kits and disassembled guns, from AK’s to M2 belt feds. So you have your grandfathers’ gun in a bag? It’s not the first time, bring it on in!

• Lathe and mill machine work including barrel threading, re-barreling, and porting services.

• Stock restoration and checkering of stocks. We can revitalize that old checkering that is worn down on your shotgun!

• Metal restoration including jeweling, bluing, pit removal etc...

• Custom paint using Cerakote. Give your son a custom paint job on his AR as a birthday present!

• Nitre bluing.

• Rust bluing.

• Color case hardening.

• Polishing.

• Firearms repair.

• Handmade exotic wood grips. Pick out an exotic wood for your handgun and we will take care of the rest!

• Custom inlays. Make that weapon a family heirloom with an inlay!

• Action jobs on both 1911’s and revolvers.

• Trigger jobs on all makes and models reducing the weight of trigger pull, creep, and over-travel.

• Scope mounting and zeroing in, including custom fabrication of mounts.

• Individualized weapons training as needed.